Privacy Policy


      1. Your stored data 
      2. Disclosure of your personal information to 3rd parties
      3. Technical data protection
      4. Responsibility

Privacy is a particularly crucial issue and thus we always treat your data with utmost care. We protect your personal data from any unauthorized third parties by using our technical as well as organizational procedures, which are in accordance with the legal requirements. While submitting the order or contacting us, the buyers as well as the prospective customers agree to the collection, processing and storing of data on part of Coco Asian Supermarket as described in the following. All personal data are treated confidentially.

  1. Your Personal Data stored by us
      1. Data collection under the order.
        In the course of the order process, the first name and surname, street and street number, postal code, city, email address, telephone number, date of birth as well as the data of bank details, if required, are collected. Please note that we perform the same collection of data in case of an additional or different shipping address.
      2. Modification of Your Data 
        You may view or modify your data at “My Data”, if you are a registered customer. You should use your email address and password to log in. 
        If you forget your password, you may request a new one by entering the postal code of your billing address in combination with your email address. After that, we highly recommend you to replace your previous password with the new one for security reasons.
      3. Service Requests 
        Any incident connected with your service request or correspondence is stored on our server.
      4. Information on Stored Data in accordance with Federal Data Protection Act 
        On demand, we will be pleased to accommodate your requests for information about stored data and immediately provide you with information on any data stored.
      5. Deletion of Data 
        For any reasons of precaution, we would also like to point out that these data will be stored even after terminating the contractual business agreement. Personal data can only be deleted, in case there are no legal retention periods to the contrary, such as tax regulations and the Commercial Code (e.g. HGB record retention and storage requirements). In this case, we may delete your data after expiry of the retention period. If we are bound to any other storage regulation, we will accept your request for deletion of data as an alternative to block your data. We kindly ask you for your understanding, for these procedures are required by law. For further questions please contact us at
      6. Newsletter 
        You will only receive our newsletter, if explicitly subscribed beforehand.
        The receipt of the newsletter is independent of any registration or orders in the shop respectively. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using the link stated in the email. Alternatively, you can also send an email to Please note that you should use another email for a new registration, in case you signed off your previous email address. Once an email address has been deleted, it will be on our so-called blacklist and cannot be used any longer. Through the images and links we can track which parts of the newsletter you are particularly interested in. The collection of these data will be anonymous.
      7. Customer Surveys 
        In order to continuously improve our services and to meet your demands in the best possible manner, we reserve the right to conduct customer surveys. 
        As a matter of fact, you can revoke your consent to the use of your data at any time by sending us a short notification in written.
      8. Anonymous Data Collection 
        We collect anonymous non-personal information, when you visit our site. We use these data to continuously improve services.(see 3.4 Information on Cookies)
      9. Our Recommendation 
        As a matter of principle, you should always log off after visiting "Coco Asian Supermarket" and should not provide your access data to any third parties.
  2. Disclosure of Your Personal Data to Third Parties
    Any data required for the business transaction will be stored and transferred to affiliated companies in the context of the order process, if required. Here our partners are subject to our own data protection standards which may exceed the local requirements in part.
    • Logistics Partner 
      A current overview of our logistics system can be found in the „Delivery-Terms“. 
    • Credit Assessment 
      A credit assessment is only performed, if a legitimate interest can be made credible. This is only the case, if Coco Asian Supermarket places the delivery beforehand and the payment is due afterwards. 
      Terms for the payment methods used in this context are described as so-called subsequent payment methods by Coco Asian Supermarket. Coco Asian Supermarket reserves the right to limit the personal methods of payment for their own protection against bad debts in the event of a negative credit rating.
      Furthermore, Coco Asian Supermarket will provide the previously mentioned credit enquiry agencies with any data in case breach or violation of the contractual agreements. These agencies store and transfer data, in order to inform about credit ratings of individual persons. For the purpose of debtor identification, address data in particular will be provided to companies with any debt claims arising from sales on a commercial basis. In addition to the provision of information, credit enquiry agencies may also notify their contract partners on the calculated probability of the credit risk. (Score Procedure).
    • Marketing Purposes 
      Moreover, address and order data are collected and processed for our own marketing purposes. 
      Generally and publicly accessible data are given to third parties for other marketing purposes exclusively, only after written agreement given by the customer. The processing of your personal data always complies with the legal requirements in order to protect your privacy. You can always use your right of revocation against the processing of these data by sending an email to at any time.
    • Information on the Usage of Social Plug-ins
      This website uses plug-ins of social networks such as Facebook. If you load one of our websites containing such plug-ins, a direct connection to the servers of Facebook will be established by your browser. Facebook receives the information that your IP address has loaded the corresponding website of our internet presence. If you log in at Facebook, it will be able to identify you immediately. If you interact with plug-ins, e.g. by clicking "I like" or by giving a comment, the particular information will be transferred to Facebook by your browser and stored there. You can find further information on purposes and scope of data collection as well as data usage by Facebook and on your rights and individual settings for the protection of your privacy in the Privacy Policy of Facebook.
      Currently used Social Plug-ins : Facebook
  3. Technical Data Protection
    Your browser sends information which will be collected in our server log files. The information collected are such as browser type and version, operating system used, previously visited websites, hostname of the accessing computer (IP address) and the time of server inquiry. A consolidation of these data with other data sources is not conducted
    1. Principle of Data Economy
      Coco Asian Supermarket only collects data actually necessary for order processing. You decide on the provision of information and personal data. Only the data requested explicitly, are needed to process the order. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to provide us with other personal information optionally. However, you will decide to what extent. We use optional data to improve our services continuously as well as for statistical purposes.
    2. Encoding 
      Any entry of personal data is encrypted. We use Secure Socket Layer. You can recognize the encrypted transmission in the https-URL in your browser address line as well as in the display of the closed key or lock icon in the bottom status bar or next to the address bar.
    3. Security for Payments 
      In order to ensure security for payments, we also offer a standard SSL encryption. Our credit card processing meets the relevant requirements of the PCI security standards and has the status of "PCI DSS compliant“.
    4. Information on Cookies 
      We use cookies in order to present you a personalized and customized range of products and offers in the best possible manner. We recommend you not to refuse the acceptance of cookies, because otherwise might not be able to use our website correctly. Our cookies will be saved over the running time of the browser and do not have a limited presence.
      Cookies are a potential target for attacks by hackers. For instance, they could be stolen from your computer (so-called cookie theft) in order to manipulate the data contained and thus to change e.g. shopping carts in online shops or to change log-ins (so-called cookie poisoning).
    5. Count Pixel & Web Analytics
      Information on the attractiveness of our online offer assists us in improving our digital offers. We use so-called count pixel (small graphics) for our digital offers. When you click on a website and load it, a count pixel of the server will upload automatically and will register the IP address or cookie ID used by you. Your IP address will only be captured in shortened form, so that an identification of the corresponding connection is impossible. Thus the identity of the visitor remains anonymous. By using tools such as AdBlocker, you can always disable count pixels
      By using this internet offer, you accept and agree with the processing of your data collected by us, exclusively in the manner and only for the purpose described above.
    6. Save Login Function (stay logged in)
      If you activate the option "stay logged in", a cookie will be stored in your computer to enable the identification for your next visit of our website. If you log off, this cookie will be deleted again. See also paragraph "Information on Cookies"
    7. General Security Advice
    8. We recommend you to sufficiently protect your computer by always using the latest anti-virus protection and most current software as well as a firewall. If possible, it will also be advisable to work with limited user rights only and to conduct a data backup on a regular basis.
  4. Responsible Authority
    Responsible authority as defined in the Data Protection Act is: 
    We highly appreciate your trust in us and thus will treat your personal data with utmost care.